A portrait of pain and suffering

Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores, ©HBO

The HBO series set in a fantasy western theme park has caught the attention of many since the absence of Game of Thrones. Westworld has soul, a deeper morale, something the Machiavellian Game of Thrones lacks.

Based on a ’70s Michael Crichton…

Light up Medium {Haiku} |Day VI|

Mayday! Mayday!!

“Madeline’s gone dark”

“…she’s whacked De-dé”

“No, said his Earth suit’s too black.”

“I’m YELLOW, soon I’ll suffer same!”

A spiritual world-view shift.

©Gary Dorning/PCG

Disclaimer: This is not my shortest writing. Some of the information here even the author is overwhelmed and quite unaware where it has come from, and yet here it is in black & white on your screen. Saintly patience is required to finish it.

It is very popular these days…

Patrick Akhuem-o'khan

Man of Science; Man of Faith

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